Best 8 list of medical center in Dubai for weight loss assistance

In today’s time, obesity has become an epidemic that has already taken root in our modern and digital society. When our lifestyle becomes sedentary, getting overweight is evident. For the same reason, we have created this article that explains the list of medical center in Dubai for weight loss assistance.

By visiting any of the clinics, the patient can improve their lifestyle and ensures that troubles that come from obesity can be treated.

Northwest Clinic

Regarded as the top clinic in our list of medical center in Dubai for weight loss assistance includes Northwest clinic.

They have various services housed within the facility, although weight loss assistance and obesity control is directly liked by nutritionist as well as internal medicine specialist.

Although there’s no bariatric specialist who operates on patients with obesity through consultation and following a healthy lifestyle, which is more long-term and effective.

De Nova

During your weight loss journey, you need specialist support who will not only back you up but also provide you with subsequent consultation which is aimed to ensure that your weight is properly controlled.

De Nova is regarded as one of the leading lists of medical center in Dubai which puts great effort into controlling obesity.

Doctors along with dietitians will help the patient to follow up with their routine as well as ensure that they get the best service available in the medical world.

ShapeZoom Health Center

For weight loss, a doctor becomes like a coach who ensures that patient follows their respective diet plan.

ShapeZoom Health Center has various services for that matter that have better insight into what food carving means in terms of deficiencies within one’s body and provide dedicated consultancy for a more holistic lifestyle where balanced nutrition is a must.

DNA Health and Wellness

One of the top-class clinics that we have included in our list of medical center in Dubai is DNA Health and Wellness.

They provide a weight loss program for people who are showing interest in living a healthy lifestyle.

Elements such as meal planning, body composition analysis, and chronic disease management will assist patients to control their weight and fix illnesses generated from being overweight.

FCBS Dubai

Every individual has their own set of needs and identity which makes a doctor more focused on providing just tailored made services first.

FCBS Dubai is one of the clinics on our list of medical center in Dubai which has a good approach to weight loss.

They have even categorized weight loss into various fields, such as weight loss treatment, postnatal abdominal firming, body wraps, body shaping, and much more.

Wellbeing Clinic

In today’s world, following an unhealthy lifestyle is very easy and people can simply backtrack from their weight loss commitment several times.

Having a dedicated professional looking after your fitness program, including a nutrition plan, exercise program, and even counseling for weight management, the result will be long-term.

Wellbeing Clinic is regarded as one of the clinics within our list of medical center in Dubai to provide weight control services for their patients.


American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH) offers a variety of services including consultation and surgery for patients looking to enjoy a better life.

One such surgery includes bariatric weight loss surgery. Through this technique, the patient will be prompt to limit their food intact as well as their appetite reduction to ensure that they remain fit and active.

They also provide nutrition and diet plan which help patients to change their lifestyles and in return become more active.

Euro Med Clinic Dubai

Another of the clinics within our list of medical center in Dubai is Euro Med Clinic Dubai, they offer obesity and weight loss programs through various factors including diet and exercise, fat-melting injection, cool sculpting, lipotropic injections, laser fat-melting, liposuction, radiofrequency lipolysis to include a few.

The main focus of the experts in Euro is to ensure that their specialists provide the best consultation to patients from various walks of life.

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