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dent Dentistry

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Northwest Clinic provides best dentists in Dubai who offers high quality dental implants, and conducts other clinical procedures like Root Canal Treatment and Cosmetic Dental Procedures. We offer you the best and easy treatment choices available in the dental practice. Our team of highly experienced dentists will take care of your dental problems and chooses for you swift and convenient dental processes to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Dental Services:

  1. Dental check ups/exams
  2. Dental x-ray (digital)
  3. Ultrasound cleaning/airflow polishing for teeth and gums
  4. Fluoridation
  5. Treatment of bleeding gums/gum disease
  6. Root canal treatment
  7. Removal of impacted tooth
  8. Full and partial denture
  9. Simple tooth removal
  10. Bite guards (for treatment of teeth grinding)
  11. Tooth scaling
  12. Oral hygiene instruction/patient education

Cosmetic Dentistry:

  1. Veneers
  2. Metal free crowns/Bridges
  3. Tooth coloured fillings
  4. Whitening (in office and take home trays)
  5. Porcelain inlayes/Onlays
  6. Full Ceramic Crowns

Northwest Clinic Dental Department Philosophy:

  1. Place patient care as the number 1 priority
  2. Strong emphasis on educating the patient on her/his oral health status and modes of improving and maintaining it.
  3. To create beautiful smile for all ages through gentle dentistry.
  4. Help patients meet their oral health goals
  5. Keep high level of professionalism.
  6. Provide satisfaction through our services and safe procedures.

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