Everything that you need to know before visiting chest physio

There are times when people need to visit a specialist physiotherapist. Most of us understand that physiotherapy is only helpful when you are looking for rehabilitation from an injury or to have preventive measures all set up if you are a sportsman. Let’s learn where Chest physio comes for our assistance.

In this article, we will discuss various elements which help you to get mentally prepared when visiting Chest physio.

Types of chest physiotherapists

Although the word Chest physio is quite simple and self-explanatory. These are those physiotherapists who help patients in preventing and rehabilitating the injury around the chest area.

Although when you cater to various sub-specialty, even Chest physio has quite many. We have compiled some of the major specialties based on the methods adopted by the physiotherapist.

Percussion and vibration

The chest area is one of the most sensitive yet extremely important areas. The doctor always trends with extreme caution around the chest area and to make sure that your functions such as breathing are all in perfect form.

One method adopted by Chest physio is through percussion and vibration. With the help of specialized machines and equipment, the patient has to go with constant vibrations around the chest as a sort of massage.

It provides a bit of relief and without exerting any additional pressure, the patient can feel at ease at the very least.

Coughing procedures

Many Chest physio is also expert in helping you to breathe more and in your best manner. The more effective breathing you’ll engage in, the better it will be proved for your overall well-being.

One way to do that is by getting the patient subjected to rhythmic coughing. This will not only help to clear the patent throat but also increase the lung capacity.

Having stronger lungs will automatically improve the body’s healing process as well as have a better sense of relaxing mentally.

Deep breathing exercises

One of the main exercises that yoga experts follow is deep breathing. Deep breathing helps your body and mind both to feel lighter and relaxed.

The Chest physio also knows the importance of breathing without any trouble, and one of the solutions is through experiencing deep breathing exercises.

Most of these exercises adopted by Chest physio don’t require any sort of medical aids or additives. It’s simply natural which is more effective for everyone.

Positioning and rotating

When the body gets all stiff, the Chest physio might help you to open your body, especially around the chest area.

One of such exercises which usually helps in this regard is rotating and positioning. These types of exercises greatly help patients in making their bodies more tuned towards better posture.

Postural drainage

No matter which type of exercise the people get themselves in, it will all ensure to make your lungs stronger and improves your breathing capabilities.

Postural drainage helps towards the lung’s secretions and those people who feel that they have trouble breathing to their fullest should have this type of exercise under consideration.

Things that chest physio might use

Whether it’s an ordinary physiotherapist or specialized chest Physio, both require equipment and aids which helps them to achieve certain goals.

Below are some of the common things used by chest Physio aim to help the chest area and improve the breathing capacity of the patients.

Expectorant medicines

These medicines help for patient’s lungs to loosen up. With loosed lungs, the patient can cough and take out various secretions so that they can breathe easily.


As the name suggests, the suctions help to secretion effectively from the patient’s throats so that they can breathe without any trouble.

Nebulizer treatment

Most people have trouble breathing such as asthma patients. For those, using nebulizers will them their lungs get more strong and reduce the inefficiency for the better.

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