How does a vaccination appointment in Dubai work?

Governments all over the world emphasize for their residents to get the Covid vaccine right away. For the same reason, getting a vaccination appointment in Dubai is equally important.

This article will explain how vaccination appointment in Dubai works in the first place and from where you can expect to get vaccinated to get protected from the Covid-19 virus.

Vaccination is free of charge in Dubai

Firstly, let’s make an important thing out of the way that vaccinations are completely free of charge on government centers.

Whether you visit any vaccination center across Dubai, no one will charge you for it as the government is paying on your behalf.

It’s pertinent to say that all those people who haven’t done their vaccinations, should apply for a vaccination appointment in Dubai and get vaccinated.

Appointment through Covid 19 EHS app

Dubai has provided various ways for its residents to apply for vaccination appointments in Dubai. One such way is through Covid 19 EHS app.

Known as the Emirates Health Services app which is a coronavirus management app to inform residents about the latest news regarding the Covid virus in UAE and particularly in Dubai.

By filling out the form and registering yourself through the app, you can get the appointment at the earliest for that Covid 19 jab.

SEHA app and visit drive-through clinics

The government of UAE has released a self-service app regarding medical services called SEHA which is a portal for information and other contact details for emergencies within Emirates.

By downloading the SEHA app through Google Play or Apple Store you can register yourself first and then select the vaccination appointment in Dubai option.

Once you have been approved for Covid 19 jab, visit appointed government health facility.

Dubai Health Authority app

The universal service provided by the Dubai authority known as DHA or Dubai Health Authority will provide you to easily handle vaccination appointments in Dubai.

With the app, you can easily register yourself without any trouble and receive a notification within the app or through your registered mobile number.

Calling center on toll-free number

One of the most common ways to apply for a vaccination appointment in Dubai is to call the toll-free number of government set up calling centers by dialing 800-342.

Give the information through the phone and they will register you for your Covid jab within the same moment.

Also, the personnel will direct you on how you can go to the nearest vaccination center to get vaccinated in the first place.

Who are eligible for Covid vaccinations without an appointment?

The reason for vaccination appointments in Dubai in the first place is to record how many have received jabs so that they don’t take them again.

This is the role of the government and through their data-driven algorithms to whitelist the names of recipients so that they go perform their vaccinations.

Those people who don’t find the need to perform vaccination appointments in Dubai can directly go to any local vaccination center at their earliest.

UAE nationals and domestic workers

UAE nationals are given full priority for vaccinations hence they can head to any local vaccination center for their Covid jab without a vaccination appointment in Dubai.

This is also extended towards the domestic workers since they are the most vulnerable people as they are exposed to getting infected.

They can also become carriers since they are often working within people’s households.

Senior citizens over 60 years and residents

Senior citizen needs adequate care in every walk of life, especially from once in a century pandemic like Covid.

They can go to any vaccination center without going through a vaccination appointment in Dubai.

People with chronic illness

The government of Dubai pays great attention to people facing chronic illness. These people have weak immune systems and need to be protected from a highly potent virus such as Covid.

They can also get the necessary jabs for Covid 19 without a vaccination appointment in Dubai.

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