Top 10 list of clinics in Dubai for a diabetes checkup

People need a comprehensive list of clinics in Dubai to check the most prominent medical centers from where they can consult a doctor of their choice.

With various specialists of medical care professionals, the patient can select the one which might help him more targeted or simply avail the support of an internal medicine specialist who can later refer you to a specialist depending on your requirement.

Northwest Clinic

Northwest Clinic lives by the rule that prevention is better than cure. That’s why they keep an effective system for customers to visit their clinic and have regular checkups from professional doctors.

Whether you are facing diabetes, obesity, or other disease and need consultation from an expert doctor in Dubai, Northwest clinic is the right one.

We have placed the northwest clinic as one of the centers in our list of clinics in Dubai for the one-window operation, housing multiple doctors for the assistance of customers.


When traditional doctor consultation along with real-time data collection from community-based information combines, the result becomes quite special and worthy for humans.

Glucare is a diabetes, thyroid, cardiology, and endocrinology clinic with the integration of teleconsultation and data-driven methods.

The main reason to place Glucare within our list of clinics in Dubai is because of the innovative nature of the clinic and how they can offer consultation through mobile apps, web, and teleconsultation.

Valiant Clinic

Valiant Clinic contains various healthcare professionals all to offer the best possible solution to patients who are in search of some great care in the first place.

When diabetes checkup is concerned, Valiant Clinic has all the right tools and means to offer consultation services for their patients.

Their Endocrinology dream team caters to features that include pre-diabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, short and long diabetes complications, gestational diabetes, and monogenic diabetes.

Dr. Fatma Endocrine Center

Dr. Fatma Endocrine center is regarded as a single-specialty clinic that caters to diabetic patients only although they have experienced doctors with a better understanding of diabetes complications and how to fix them.

Our main reason to include this clinic within our list of clinics in Dubai shows quite evidently that the services offer by Dr. Fatma Endocrine center are surely one stop for your diabetes treatment needs.

Some of the services offered by this medical center include testing support, thyroid ultrasound, nutrition therapy, and availability of fusion drip.

Weight Care Clinic

Another center included in our list of clinics in Dubai for our diabetes checkups is the weight care clinic.

A clinic is as good as the professionals that are housed in it. The weight care clinic includes some amazing minds who will help you to control and treat your diabetes.

With over 30 years of experience in endocrinology, the weight care clinic help to overcome obesity, control diabetes through treatment and dieting as well as offer high-grade medical treatment.

Apple Clinic UAE

Apple Clinic UAE offers numerous solutions including diabetes care, internal medicine, family medicine, pediatric, Gynaecologist, pathologist, and dentistry.

As for diabetes care, they have specialized doctors aimed to offer optimal service to ensure that patients are completely supported through medical expertise regarding this subject.

Whereas nutritionists will assist patients to follow a dieting plan that ultimately helps in controlling diabetes in the first place.

AH Dubai

Another medical center that we have included in our list of clinics in Dubai includes AH Dubai or American Hospital Dubai.

They are regarded as one of the largest private hospitals which offer a variety of services for patients looking for a specialized doctor.

As for diabetes care, they have a separate department of diabetes, endocrinology, and nutrition to asset you control your body’s insulin intake as well as ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle.


Panacea is regarded as one of the most trusted clinics in Dubai that’s the reason it has been included in our list of clinics in Dubai.

Specifically for diabetes care, they have a department of internal medicine that is responsible for providing healthcare for diagnosis and treatment of major and minor illnesses including diabetes.

Boston Diabetes and Endocrine Center

It’s no more a hidden fact that diabetes is growing uncontrollably across the world mostly because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Boston diabetes and endocrine center aims to change this within the geolocation of Dubai through its solid medical care and services.

The specialist within BDEC will help patients achieve the impossible, which is to control and treat their diabetes with a variety of assistance.

Medi Clinic

Diabetes care is regarded as most important since it requires the patient to follow a completely different lifestyle. Constant support, assistance, and treatment are needed. Medi Clinic is aimed to provide just that.

Features that include screening, diagnosis, and management with the physician to control diabetes will surely help to fix it.

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