Types of equipment used in the physio room under an expert’s supervision

There are various types of equipment used in the physio room whose aim is to provide treatment and rehabilitation to patients facing injury.

To get a better understanding of the list of equipment used in the physio room, we have compiled some of the highly popular equipment which helps patients in getting rehabilitation for the better.

Nordic Track

One of the most classic equipment used in the physio room is the Nordic track. The benefit yielded through this type of equipment usually corresponds to the patients who need to improve their muscle strengths, stamina, and coordination among their muscle group.

This type of equipment can be found all over the world within physical rehabilitation centers and clinics under the physio room.

Treatment tables

Often it’s required for the physiotherapist to have a table where the patient can lie down in a relaxed state and the professional can engaged in various massages and therapies.

The treatment table is considered one such table located within the physio room where the patient can lie down in a relaxed manner. Although it’s optional equipment used for physiotherapy purposes.


The physiotherapist needs to see the muscle and bone structure of patients and for that, they use an ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound is one of the most common equipments used in the physio room which helps the professional to keep an eye on the patient overall musculoskeletal structure and provide necessary exercises based on their finding.


Another form of amazing equipment used by the physio room is Isokinetics. This equipment helps patients with stretches and improves the strength of the patient’s muscles.

Its highly effective equipment is located at almost every physiotherapist clinic as the role of physio is to offer their patients the best possible solutions that they can get.

Electrical Muscle stimulation

There are times when professional physiotherapists need to offer therapeutic services to patients who are facing an acute level of pain in their bodies.

One of such equipment which can be found in the physio room is electrical muscle stimulation. This is one of the equipment used within electrotherapy which ultimately helps patients in relaxing their muscles for the better.

Exercise bike

One of the ordinary pieces of equipment that can be found in the physio room is an exercise bike. As most can understand, the exercise bike helps patients in performing leg work and improving their stamina.

For most patients who need to have to improve leg muscle, an exercise bike seems to be the right equipment, which can also be found in every fitness room.

Walking canes

Although it is not regarded as the equipment parse, but as assistive aid to help patients to walk through canes.

The walking canes are regarded as one of the most important aids for patients who are unable to put their entire weight into their legs.

Forearm canes

When patients need to put extra weight into the canes, the best assistive aid for one’s use is Forearm canes.

The forearm cane can be used by fixating with your hand and support to the arm end to have better posture for patients. The physiotherapist will better guide the patients on when to use a walking cane and when to use their forearms.


The patient needs to have an effective assistive means to help them move on their own. One of the popular pieces of equipment which can be found within the physio room is crutches.

The crutches are regarded as regular equipment that aims to provide independence for patients while assisting them in walking on their own, by pressing more weight over the crutches rather than their legs.

Walker like rollators

Walker is for those patients who simply don’t have the strength to move on their own. The walker-like rollator is a miniature version of walkers that helps patients improve their walking without putting their body weight on their feet.

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