Types of specialties you can find most around the medical center in Bur Dubai

You might be wondering about how a medical center in Bur Dubai might assist you in terms of checking the specialist for your needs.

If that’s the case, we have created this blog to talk about various types of specialties that one might find around the medical center in Bur Dubai.

Preventive health check service

It’s very important to take geography into place as doctors can provide better treatment while taking the culture, geography, and specified area into consideration.

First and foremost, most people might need to have a consult with specialist doctor also usually known as a general physician or Internal Medicine Specialist who can look after a patient and provide preventive measures to assist them from getting sick in the first place.

This mode of service is usually available at every medical center in Bur Dubai and its regarded as the most important for every medical center around Dubai as well.


People that are looking for a professional urologist around the medical center in Bur Dubai are interested to have treatment-related to urinary tact and reproductive problems.

As this is a highly sensitive issue for most patients, not only do they need an experienced urologist but also someone who can assist them most professionally.

The urologist can assist patients in general including kidney and bladder-related infections, prostate, genitalia, and infertility.


Finding a long-term therapist that will assist you to cope with your problems and fix them through a better understanding of the source is usually something you expect from a psychologist.

When trying to find this specialist around the medical center in Bur Dubai, you must be facing some dire issues regarding your mental health.

A good psychologist can assist you to fix the conflicts with your partner, reduce anxiety due to work, cope with major life losses, and assist you to sleep better with insomnia.


If there’s one thing that people related to sports will agree is finding a good physiotherapist around the medical center in Bur Dubai is a must.

As it’s the area where many sports activities are held, it’s ideal to have a local specialist ready to help them recover their injuries within the area.

Something a patient can expect from physiotherapists and rehabilitation services includes orthopedics, sports injury recovery, contract through heat and cold therapy, proper training for desk jobs, and how to achieve the ideal position for their better maintenance among the few.

Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Your first three months during pregnancy are most crucial and need a specialist to assess the growth of the fetus and provide feedback to mothers.

Obstetrician & Gynecologists help expected mothers to reassure them about their growing fetus through professional consultation.

Also being a long-term consultation relationship, the expected mothers get mentally relaxed that there’s a doctor who knows about their history completely regarding childbirth.


One of the most common problems regarding muscle pains is around the back, and neck as for bones, the joints seem to take a toll on people.

If you are looking for a specialist that will provide you with proper treatment to mitigate pains around your back, and neck and regarding sports injury around the medical center in Bur Dubai, you need orthopedics for that matter.


Anything related to stomach pains and liver-related problems, you need a gastroenterologist to look after you on an emergency basis.

Some of the services that you can expect from a gastroenterologist include abdominal discomfort, abnormalities of bowel habits, and irritation of the bowels.

To ensure that experts are providing you with proper treatment regarding your stomach and bowel issues, you need specialists around the medical center in Bur Dubai in tip-top condition.


Everyone needs to look good and for that, they need to control their diet. Although it’s not easy to do that of your own will.

Sometimes you need the assistance of a nutritionist. That can also be found around the medical center in Bur Dubai.

Looking for a robust medical center in bur Dubai regarding any of the about specialists?

If you need a professional medical service from any of the specialists mentioned above, simply consult at Northwest clinic where you will be provided the best possible care one can find.

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