Types of symptoms after which vestibular physiotherapy is a must

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based treatment provided by a vestibular physiotherapy specialist that aims to provide relief in dizziness-related symptoms.

People often get various dizziness out of nowhere which has no direct source as well need to train their body to take up proper rehabilitation.

We have lined up some of the major symptoms which ensures that a person needs to visit vestibular physiotherapy at the earliest.

Feelings of unsteadiness

There might be times when people who are facing vestibular issues might have symptoms like feelings of unsteadiness.

Here your balance of the body is disturbed and when it comes to a regular thing, it’s time for you to check out vestibular physiotherapy.

The main feature of a physiotherapist looking through vestibular elements in a body is to help you regain the control and balance of your body with the help of rehabilitation.


Wooziness is the inability to think clearly or start to feel weak all of a sudden. This surely seems an illness that might source down to various factors including not enough energy in the body, heat, or could be any other complicated issue.

Through vestibular physiotherapy, you will understand that most brain-related illnesses can be resolved through a psychologist or a physiotherapist.

Wooziness usually gets fixed with the help of exercises and preparing your body to deal with issues which makes wooziness a recurring factor.


The feeling of dizziness can be further explained as getting a sense of lightheadedness. Although it’s a form of dizziness this form is not as strong as falling to the ground from getting dizzy.

Some people who have good physical form might have this feeling of lightheadedness, although it should be taken seriously at times.

If you bring yourself to a professional vestibular physiotherapy clinic, you will be provided with more accurate treatment including the source from where the lightheadedness is being responded to.

The feeling of passing out

When you are feeling weak and continue to get dizzy, it might happen to you that you start getting a feeling of passing out at any time.

Although you don’t get passed out in actuality, your brain tells you to sit or lie down on your own because you might pass out and fall.

The vestibular specialist might have a better understanding of this concern and it’s quite helpful for people facing the situation of passing out to check themselves to a specialist sooner rather than later.

Sensations of moving

When you are standing still but have a feeling that you are moving or your body is tilting towards a position without your control, this is also one of the symptoms of vestibular illness.

This symptom must sound a little on the lower side than other ones, but still, it surely indicates that you need to get checked up quickly through a professional physiotherapist.


Spinning is regarded as one of the most common symptoms that people with a vestibular illness often feel.

Spinning is another name for dizziness where your mind gets out of your control and goes towards a spinning formation.

Although the bests course of action is to sit on the ground until your body is back to normal plus check yourself at the first moment to do vestibular physiotherapy.


Your brain might try to tell your body that you are floating. This form of vestibular is also known as vertigo and makes people start to feel dizzy.

There are sensors around your body that give a signal to your brain as you are floating, but here your brain is tricking your body into that you are floating and your body reacts.

This sensation should be resolved after taking a bit of rest, if not, checking yourself to a vestibular physiotherapist is the best course of action you can take.

Looking for an expert vestibular physiotherapist for your dizziness symptoms in Dubai?

There are various types of symptoms that might give you an indication that you should take yourself to a professional health care professional sooner rather than later.

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