Types of the process adopted by adult medicine specialists in a clinic

Have you ever visited adult medicine specialists? It’s a generalized name for a healthcare professional who you have usually known as an internal medicine specialist.

Although there’s a deep meaning behind the process adopted by adult medicine specialists. Let’s understand some of the major specifications of doctors and what to expect in terms of their processes and healthcare mechanisms.

Primary care doctor

As the name suggests, the primary care doctor is your ordinary neighborhood physician, who is responsible to provide basic medical care as per your needs.

Most of the patients that visit these types of adult medicine specialists are looking for some advice from the doctor and not towards a more specialized one.

Although the name primary care doctor is a standard term in which various other specializations are housed. Let’s discuss them in detail and what to expect when we visit one of them.

Family practice physician

Family practitioners are those adult medicine specialists who treat people of all ages. Whether it’s a newborn or a senior citizen, the family doctor understands the family history in a better sense.

The family physician has one of the highest demands from various patients since everyone wants one doctor to look after every type of illness.

If there’s a more advanced form of illness, the family doctor can refer to a more specialized doctor which also solves a lot of problems.

Internal medicine physician

Another word for the general physician is internal medicine physician, who is trained in the detection and diagnosis of an illness while prescribing the medicines to the patients which help them to get better.

Most people can compare family physicians with internal medicine physicians as well, although there’s a difference between the two. The internal medicine specialist is only for adults.

That’s the main reason that adult medicine specialists are always in demand as they cover a lot of specialization without patients to go for other clinics for their basic medical care and consultation.


Similarly, like internal medicine physicians which are mostly equipped with knowledge in treating adults, children, and newborns’ medical care, we have pediatricians.

The pediatricians can provide treatment for babies, newborns, and children till age 12. Most of the treatment which is expected by Pediatricians include regular newborn visits, child vaccination, disease prevention, guidance in physical school activities, and treating illness in children and babies.

Geriatric medicine doctors

We have covered 2 aspects of patients from babies or children and adults. Although one which is left requires special care based on their seniority, which is older patients. The adult medicine specialists aimed to provide particular medical care are geriatric medicine doctors.

The Geriatric comes under family doctors but they have additional training in the aging process, prevention of illness in adults, and diagnosis and treatment of illness in older citizens.

Specialty doctors

Besides all of the above specializations which can be branched from the adult medicine specialists, there are various specialties through which patients can get more directed healthcare solutions based on their requirements.

Some of these specialty includes Allergists, Dermatologists, Infectious disease specialist, Ophthalmologist, Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Gastroenterologist, Nephrologist, Urologist, Pulmonologist, Otolaryngologist, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Oncologist, Radiologist, Rheumatologist, General Surgeon, Orthopedic surgeon, and Anesthesiologist.

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