Understanding the role of medicine by doctor and its importance

Most people simply don’t delve into the role of medicine by doctor for their treatment. Although there’s major importance that must be understood for the better.

We have created this article to assist our readers with the roles, types, and importance of medicine by doctor that they receive for their treatment.

What is medicine?

Before we go anymore ahead with our article, we should first establish the most important element of our discussion, what is a medicine?

After the advancements in medical science and chemistry, scientists can create chemical compounds which used to cure, halt, or prevent disease.

Within our bodies, several chemical processes are carried out naturally which makes our bodies under control.

Based on our symptoms and illness, through particular medicine by doctor, we can get an instant effect that either cure, prevent, or blocks up the symptoms while helping our body to improve its regeneration process.

Types of medicine

After learning about the main feature of medicine which is a chemical compound that aims to help you in your treatment, it’s time to understand the types of medicines as well.

There are various types of medicine based on doctor supervision and guidance as well as how much the body requires the medicine will also be advised by a doctor.

Let’s go through various types of medicine being used by various people as provided by medicine by doctor.


Every medicine needs to reach inside our body. One way to do it is by drinking it. Like water, the liquid goes inside our body and will be absorbed through our intestines.

Sometimes people drink up the syrup with the help of a teaspoon, or there is a medicine by doctor which requires the medicine to get dissolved in a glass of water first.

Taking the medicine which is of the liquid form should be intake as per the doctor’s guidance because taking it in more quantities might get people into trouble.


For the illness inside your eyes or ears, using drops seems to be the most natural form of medicine from a doctor that is being used by countless people.

Similarly like all the other medicines, drops are also taken with proper prescription depending on duration and frequency.

Cream, gels, and ointments 

All those illness that comes over the skin needs to be treated with the help of cream, ointments, and gels.

These are also a form of medicine by doctors that aims to either provide relief to patients or to ensure that they are getting protection from any elements.

One of the most basic forms of creams being used by people is usually cold cream which protects their skin from cold weather.


Some treatment that requires medicine to reach their lungs or around their nose walls uses inhalers.

Nasal sprays and inhalers are also a form of medicine by doctor that aims to provide instant relief or treatment for their existing health.

Most asthma patients require inhaler medicine every time and need to be applied based on emergency.


Similarly to skin creams, patches can be attached to the skin and the medicine present within the patch will slowly yield off its medicine to the body.

These types of patches are known as transdermal patches which help patients to get continuous medicine intake over time, which is usually not possible in terms of other forms, not if you have a drip attached to your arm.


One of the most popular forms of medicine by doctor is tablets. These are usually administered or in-take orally.

Some tablets are taken under the tongue known as sublingual medicines mostly used to put the chemical compound of medicine into the blood vessel that goes through the bloodstream

Injections or intravenous

If your doctor requires you to insert the medicine directly into your veins, the type of medicine the doctor used would probably be injections or intravenous medicines.

The injection has a sharp needle through which liquid is passed. Sometimes the injections are placed in a particular muscle group or sometimes in places prescribed by doctor to actively undergo a function of the body with the help of outer assistance.

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