What are the average costs for visiting clinics in UAE?

If you are either living in UAE or planning to live there, one important fact that needs to get reminded for our readers is that clinics in UAE have the best medical service one can find in the world.

Although with the best medical service comes added cost, so it surely means UAE medical bills are a bit on the higher end.

This article will explain some details regarding how much cost to expect for medical care in UAE and how people usually avail medical services within clinics in UAE.

In short medical costs are high

We would like to reiterate the fact yet again that the cost of medical care within clinics in the UAE is high.

This means people are left with two options, either go to a government hospital for their checkups as they are free of charge, or apply for insurance to cover their expenses.

It has been within the UAE law that every employer needs to provide basic medical insurance to every employee, although this doesn’t include the direct dependents of the employee.

The average cost for Basic check-ups

One of the basic questions many people might ask regarding the costs of visiting clinics in UAE is about the average cost for a basic checkup.

This is something almost every citizen whether ex-pat or local has to do at least once every year. As per the latest statistics, the average cost of simply going for a small trip to clinics in the UAE is over AED 300.

For specialist consultation, the cost will surely go up which depends on the clinic’s reputation as well as how good the specialist is.

Emergency medical treatment in government-funded hospitals is free

In UAE, there is no cost for emergency medical treatment in government-funded hospitals. Although even in there if you are needed to perform a surgery or simply visit for a regular checkup, it will cost you although subsidized.

Another important thing to consider regarding visiting clinics in UAE is that long-term treatment which needs surgery is very high and cannot be done without insurance covering it.

90% of residents in UAE have insurance

As we have explicitly explained that most UAE citizens and ex-pats included have insurances that are covering their medical costs either partially or completely.

Some companies offer insurance to people although in most cases, instead of applying for insurance on your own, your employer selects the insurance on your behalf.

As UAE provides great quality medical assistance, it’s necessary to have all covered for cost end so that you can remain relaxed about paying huge bills to banks in the event of visiting the clinic in the first place.

Types of Insurances covered in Northwest Clinic?

At Northwest Clinic, we offer insurance to our customers who are looking to avail of our medical care services.

Most of the respectable insurance companies are already covered through our clinic, which includes Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, Al Ain Ahlia Insurance, Al Khazna Insurance company, Allianz Care, and many more.

The main objective to offer various insurances company for our customers is to become the leading clinic in Jumeirah and to provide amazing health care services which are available for everyone.

Get in touch with our specialist for your regular checkup in our clinic.

If you are interested to consult one of our internal medicine specialists for your regular checkup, simply visit Northwest clinic where we provide a great number of services through our registered professionals in multidisciplinary fields.

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