What are the roles of dr of obstetrics in Dubai?

Many people might have some understanding about a gynecologist, but when we say that Dr of obstetrics does the same things, it doesn’t sound quite right.

For many non-medical people, this difference must be solved. One way to do that is by explaining various roles under Dr of obstetrics.

This article will help our readers in providing information about Dr of obstetrics working in Dubai and how they help patients, especially mothers and newborns.

Obstetrician roles in childbirth

There are various stages categorized under the birth of a child. A mother gets pregnant, then there’s labor and follows ups after childbirth.

Gynecologists are usually optimum for before-birth situations, while Dr of obstetrics is best suited for after and during childbirth.

How the children’s health after birth is, to tackle sort of complications during childbirth and such is all handled by the professional Dr of obstetrics.

Check your baby’s position and growth

The Dr of obstetrics is more focused on the health of the child while the gynecologist is more concerned with the health of expected mothers.

Through ultrasound and another test, the Dr of obstetrics will check the growth of the baby and position because based on this information, they will suggest whether the birth of a baby is going through a natural way or operate.

Conduct routine tests and checks

During the entire cycle of birth, there are various routine tests and checks conducted by professional Dr of obstetrics to obtain information about the health of the fetus.

As time goes by, the doctor will advise mothers on their level of movement, might change medicines, and even assist them in making various important decisions.

In short, Dr of obstetrics is the best specialist to guide them during their labor and birth as a professional medical expert.

Help you prepare for labor and birth

The expected mothers especially when giving birth for the first time might have various uneasy thoughts which could even make their health degraded.

This is where Dr of obstetrics would help them in assisting to ensure that they are prepared mentally as well as physically for labor and birth.

The Dr of obstetrics helps patients by asking their questions, guiding them throughout the journey as well as ensuring to give a good source of support.

Obstetrician roles in labor and birth

During labor and birth, obstetrician helps in various ways. One way is to handle any emergency that arises for both child and mother.

The Dr of obstetrics are always on standby and look after the entire procedure as well as direct the support medical staff in case they need their services.

Handle emergencies during labor

One of the major roles for Dr of obstetrics is to handle emergencies. Because following the procedure usually goes without any issue during birth.

But in rare cases, when there’s any emergency that comes during the birth, the obstetrician is the specialist looking after it thoroughly.

After the birth

The role of Dr of obstetrics doesn’t end up even after the birth of the newborn. They will keep advising the parents and observe the child after a specific duration.

One of the best features that come from obstetricians after birth is to help mothers guide for future pregnancy or contraception.

Checkups at 6 weeks after birth

After the birth of the newborn, the Dr of obstetrics will advise mothers to visit them after every week. This is important to have as mothers want to discuss any questions or complaints they have regarding their newborns.

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