What to expect from pelvic physiotherapy?

For most people, pelvic physiotherapy is not a common term. Descriptive-wise, pelvic physiotherapy is usually orthopedics physiotherapists who have specialization in assessing and treating conditions related to dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles for both males and females.

Pelvic physiotherapy provides exercises and other therapies that help pelvic floor muscles to strengthen and reduce their abnormalities.

Most of the patients that visit pelvic physiotherapy clinics are pregnant females because of their fetus weight they need special exercises to have an effective balance of their body.

Provide pelvic floor rehabilitation

As we have explained above, the main role of pelvic physiotherapy is to provide pelvic floor rehabilitation through exercise and proper treatment.

Although before treatment and which type of exercise will help the patient in reducing the pain in their pelvis, the professional physiotherapist will provide a comprehensive assessment of the patient to determine the patient’s existing condition more effectively.

We have included some of the areas in which pelvic floor rehabilitation is provided to patients in general below areas.

Lumbar spine

In the pelvis area, there’s an extension of the backbone which runs straight downwards.

Sometimes with muscle injury or through ineffective mechanical use of the soft tissue people started to have pain in their lumbar spine.

Through professional pelvic physiotherapy available, the patient will be subjected to various effective exercises and treatment which helps the muscles to increase their strength and helps reduces the pain to many degrees.

Abdominal region

As the name suggests, the abdominal region is the area that is also regarded as one of the jurisdictions where pelvic physiotherapy can provide effective service.

Some of the common abdominal pain include constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, lactose intolerant, food poisoning, and stomach virus.

The pain which is more directed towards the stomach area surely affects negatively the muscles surrounding the abdominal region of your body.

Central nervous system

Although most people would realize the central nervous system is linked with the brain and your spinal cord, it’s surely a part of the pelvic floor as well.

The job of pelvic physiotherapy is to provide relief for the pain around the spinal cord as well as the brainstem to effectively improve the patient’s recovery from the pain and help them get back to their normal posture.


The hips area can be subjected to various pain across the board. No matter what type of pain a patient comes into a pelvic physiotherapy clinic.

They will be offered by robust exercise and therapy regime which will ensure that the issue of their pain around the hips area is completely fixed for the better.

Pubic symphysis

There’s a name for an unusual discomfort around the pelvic area, known as a pubic symphysis. It usually occurs to pregnant women when their muscles get stiffed cause of less movement of their pelvic muscles.

Through proper exercises and direction provided by the pelvic physiotherapy expert, this pain can be reduced and even get completely treated for the patients.

Provide pelvic floor treatment 

As we have suggested that pelvic physiotherapy is a specialist which provides proper assessment and treatment for pelvic floor pains.

It is possible through the experience of the doctor as well as the necessary knowledge about the human anatomy.

A patient-facing pain around their pelvic floor requires proper exercise as well as a dieting plan which helps their body to regain body control and ensures that rehabilitation is possible in the most effective manner.

Stress management

Besides taking on pain around their pelvic area, people also need to regain their mental prowess and cope with pain in the meantime.

Most of the therapy provided by pelvic physiotherapy specialists is usually time-consuming and will add extra pain to the body.

Although over time the pain will get reduced and the body will strengthen the muscle groups which was stiff before.

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There are various methodologies such as acupuncture, electrical stimulation, and stretching exercises that help patients to regain the functions around the pelvic floor as well as undergo rehabilitation more effectively.

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