What types of facilitates can we find within family health care dental in Dubai?

Customers prefer to visit clinics for their usual symptoms as doctors will advise them about medicine by checking their reports. Although when someone faces pain in their teeth, what they need is family health care dental.

The best thing to visit family health care dental is that it’s a one-stop for everything regarding your dental care needs. Let’s learn about various facilities provided by family health care dental in Dubai.

Teeth Cleanings

This is usually the most common dental care solution that people visit family health care dental in the first place.

Having their teeth properly cleaned and checked by a professional dentist helps them in making sure that proper care is given to their teeth from time to time.

In most cases, annual visits or semi-annual visits are common for teeth cleaning solutions even if there’s no concern regarding any pain or other procedure for effectively fixing the teeth issue for the better.

Teeth Whitening

There’s a clear difference between teeth cleanings and teeth whitening. The teeth whitening proceeds with a procedure, which makes your outer layer of teeth reduced in such a way that only a clean part of your teeth remains.

This takes more time and is considered one of the popular solutions that customers asked for around family health care dental.

Nowadays many professionals are using special gels and whitening formulas to help make the overall experience much better.


Another regular treatment for which family health care dental is notoriously known as teeth extractions.

Removing teeth because of either pain or whether it’s destroyed because of cavities is a common procedure within a dental clinic.

There’s a complete process adopted by dentists which helps them to ensure that teeth are securely extracted and also the customers are provided guidance and medication to help them tackle eating and drinking with lost teeth.


There are times when people have complaints regarding the irregular position of their teeth. For this, family health care dental can provide a most common procedure known as veneers.

These are usually thin layers covering a part of the teeth so that proper alignment can be made. In most cases, the front teeth usually need to undergo the process of veneers.


When the cavity is so intense in your teeth that it creates a hole or completely damages particular teeth, it needs to be repaired using the procedure of fillings.

The filling is a procedure that helps fix the teeth by repairing the teeth through gold, porcelain, or silver amalgam.

Within family health care dental, the specialist performs grinding and filling the paste at the cavity so that damage can be closed.


As the name suggests, the crowns are applied after the filling procedure around molar teeth only. The crowns help protect the molar teeth, especially from other damages received through teeth or during eating food.

Sometimes cavity gets reduced over time, but with the help of a crown procedure, the cavity gets further protected.

Root Canals

Sometimes the damage to the cavity is so intense that inside of your tooth and through the tissue is infected or inflamed. For this reason, the procedure needs to be carried out which is known as a root canal.

The professionals at family health care dental will first drill and pass through the damaged tissue so that the inner surface is visible. Then the ordinary filling is carried out.

This procedure is considered one of the most painful and sometimes requires antibiotics to reduce the pain after the procedure.


The purpose of braces is to straighten the teeth during their growth so most teenagers or children get this procedure.

This is also regarded as one of the common ones around family health care dental more subjected towards the kids of age 5-18 years.

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