Which patients usually visit obstetrics & gynecology in Dubai?

The roles of obstetrics & gynecology are to provide support to expected mothers as well as look after the newborn after it has been born.

Although it’s not only restricted to these two sets of the patient. This article will help our readers to understand who else can visit obstetrics & gynecology in Dubai for their usual checkups.

Treat women with menopause

Women who have crossed the age of over 40-45 are unable to give birth using natural ways. Although with modern medical science, even they can give birth as well.

But for that, they need services from obstetrics & gynecology. The Ob and Gynecologist will recommend them various procedures as well as provide them with the medical assistance that they require.

Besides child birth, women after menopause usually have various hormonal changes. The doctor usually prescribes various medicine to help live without much trouble as well.

Diagnose and treat women with pelvic cancer

Pelvic cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix, which is located at the lower part of the uterus, which connects to the vagina.

Only women get this cancer hence the doctor suitable to handle proper medical assistance is none other than obstetrics & gynecology.

Through proper diagnosis and examinations, doctors can better identify and offer treatment for pelvic cancer to their patients.

Women whose expecting childbirth 

One of the main roles of obstetrics & gynecology is to support women who are expecting childbirth.

From the day a woman conceives till the birth of the child, the gynecologist will keep supporting the expecting mothers with medical care as well as giving them support to answer their queries if they have.

Routine checkups for pregnant mothers

Most pregnant mothers require regular visits to obstetrics & gynecology. This helps the doctor to keep track of their pregnancy as well as provide effective remedies if they are feeling anything out of the ordinary.

Another goal for frequent visits is to check the conditions of their fetus as well and to give their remarks on every visit. They are always there to handle medical emergencies as well.

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