Which specialties you can expect in a medical center in Jumeirah?

Finding the right specialist near your area is something everyone prefers. Although the main question here is which specialist can one expect at a medical center in Jumeirah.

This article explains most of the health specialists which are commonly found within the medical center in Jumeirah as our reader can get a better insight as to how to find them in the first place.

Diabetes and Endocrinology

In today’s time, around 450 million people are living with diabetes. The thing about diabetes is that it can be controlled but not cured.

This makes it evident that a specialist is needed for diabetic patients who will help them control and treat their diabetes.

Whereas endocrinologists within the medical center in Jumeirah can assist people through consultation regarding hormonal problems like the ones caused by glands that control your blood pressure, body temperature, and body’s natural chemical balance.

Dietetics and Nutrition

Staying healthy and reducing the risk of getting sick need proper dieting. It can not be possible to make a diet plan on your own without the help of any specialist.

If you are looking for a dietitian, the medical center in Jumeirah host pretty good ones who can provide you with a better advice on which diet plan to follow, take follow-ups and assist you to keep committed to your diet plan.

Most of the patients that often go to a dietitian are looking to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Early Pregnancy care

Gynecologists and Obstetricians are specialists who look after women’s health, especially for their pregnancy care and related consultation.

Having a lot of term support from a gynecologist is quite important to have since the doctors will keep observing the fetus from the start and advise the expected mothers accordingly.

This makes a mother feel reassured that a specialist is there for them to advise for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Man/Women’s health check

If there’s one thing most people would agree upon is that most walk-ins are just regulars who are looking for their regular health check.

Regular health checks help patients to remain in the clear regarding any undiagnosed illnesses which might be brewing within their body undetected.

Doctors will diagnose their health in the light of laboratory test reports which assess them to better consult their patients.

Pediatrics and Paeds Gastroenterology

The specialist of Paeds Gastroenterology usually helps children who are facing illnesses related to their stomach, intestines, liver, or pancreas.

The gastrointestinal tracts of children need more specialization to ensure that proper guidance is passed to the parents of children to recover or remain healthy.

Pediatrics and Paeds gastroenterologists can also be found within the medical center in Jumeirah.


The base of human body is made from muscle and bones, and there are some instances when patients need a specialist who can provide relief them from the pain of the bones and muscles.

Orthopedic aims to offer their consultation in the branch of medicine where bones and muscles of the human body are considered.

Patients can get better treatment whether they are facing pain in their joints, back, or neck. Sports injuries, strains, and patients with an accident can also schedule an appointment with them.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

As early pregnancy care is offered within the medical center in Jumeirah, Obstetricians are also related to the same field of childbirth, pregnancy, and postpartum period although more subjected to the surgical field.

For patients looking to have their C-section and need consultation related to a developing pregnancy, Obstetricians are the right specialist for this job.

Gynecologist on the other hand will offer their standard services related to expecting mother’s support.


There are times when a patient’s mobility is compromised due to any reason, whether it’s through sports injury and need rehabilitation, or senior patients needing extra assistance in the treatment of their joints, physiotherapy is the right department for you.

The role of the physiotherapist is to ensure that patients’ movement goes to the pre-accident level with the help of rehabilitation, injury prevention, and proper fitness of their body.


The specialist who treats the urinal tract for men, women, and children as well as diseases that support reproductive system is within the department of urology.

It’s the role of a specialist urologist found around the medical center in Jumeirah to operate on male patients for problems around the prostate, male infertility, and uncontrollable urine leak.

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