Why do teens need to check up in gynecology clinics?

Most people would acknowledge that gynecology clinics are solely created to cater to areas of fertility, pregnancy, and comprehensive women’s health checks.

Well, it’s most common and around 85% of people that go to gynecology clinics are related to reproductive organs for women, but it’s also important for girls who are not into any active sexual setup, such as teens.

Adolescents and teens need guidance regarding their changing bodies as well as education about safe sex because most girls who face Aids or other transmitted diseases are caused due to improper education regarding their sexual activity.

Preventive care

One of the main purposes of gynecology clinics regarding teenage patients is to guide and educate them about safe sex.

It might sound a bit taboo for most people, but a health specialist is the first person you can expect to get the most sound and detailed explanation of something which could make people sick beyond the possibility of getting treated.


When a women’s body changes especially after the age of 15, menstruation could lead to some abnormalities.

Pain is one of the most common issues that teens face during their periods. By visiting gynecology clinics, they can prescribe medicines that help in reducing the pains.

Similarly, the changes in moods, hormone changes, or appetite troubles can also be effectively consulted by a specialist gynecologist.

Sexual activity

As teen starts at 13 and ends at 19, most girls might get involved in sexual activity during their initial years.

Although it’s completely safe in getting engaged in sexual activity after the age of 18, having a medical practitioner looking after your health before you proceed with the activity is still a better option.

A doctor can help girls to follow safe sex procedures as well as get protected from any transmissible disease which could be life-threatening.

Pain or abnormalities

During the menstrual cycle, girls especially teenagers could feel a lot of pain and cramps which makes them uneasy or even out of the ordinary.

It’s always wise to consult your health care professional at gynecology clinics to check up for any abnormalities since the last thing anyone needs is getting complications from a preventable illness.

Common services provided by gynecology clinics

There are more than a few issues which could be prevented by visiting a gynecology clinic especially if the patient is a teenager.

Although every woman needs proper health care, so the next important question that comes to people’s minds is what are the common services that one can expect by visiting a professional gynecology clinic.

Comprehensive well-women care

Women even if feeling perfectly well, should have engaged in annually well women care or after every 6 months for the better.

The biggest advantage of having well women care on regular basis is that your healthcare professional can identify any illness which might get untreated if it remains undetected.

It not only saves you a lot of money but also helps you remain in your best state as illness usually enters your body unwelcomed.

Contraceptive services

Women sometimes need to prevent from getting pregnant for any reason, or it might be under their doctor’s advice to drop the fetus as it might get life-threatening for the mother.

You can expect to get contraceptive services within gynecology clinics as they aim to provide women-related services where the biggest one remains under the category of pregnancy and fertility.

Even when a woman is looking to have her fertility permanently get undone using surgery, gynecology clinics is the one to visit.

Menstrual abnormalities

Many women have normal menstrual cycles, but for some rare cases, the menstrual cycle is not natural, which is not a safe condition and requires medical attention.

Gynecology clinics are the first place that you should visit if you have menstrual abnormalities since the doctor can guide you further about the next course of action which ultimately fix your condition for the better.

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