How kids can visit the Dubai vaccine center for their first jab?

From November 2021, the Government of UAE has approved Pfizer vaccination for children between the age of 5 and 11. This makes them eligible to visit the Dubai vaccine center for their first jab.

This article will provide our readers with a comprehensive guide on necessary preparations as well as how to proceed with the Dubai vaccine center for children who are administrating their first jab.

Visit pediatrician 

Every parent or guardian looking to administer the first jab for kids in the Dubai vaccine center want to double-check with a professional pediatrician.

For that purpose, they need to visit a clinic that housed a pediatrician in the first place. Taking precautions and providing medical history to a health care professional is the right option for children to have their first jab for Covid 19.

There’s might be a possibility that people would skip this and simply go to a vaccination center for administration, which could also work. This additional step is just a precautionary measure.

Provide the medical history of your kid

When a parent visits a pediatrician, they need to provide a complete medical history along with any additional test asked by the doctor.

Based on the findings from tests and other medical records, the doctor can better suggest whether administrating vaccine within the Dubai vaccine center seems the right option or not.

Those Dubai vaccine center that has a pediatrician for this purpose seems to be the best place because not only you can have service from a pediatrician, but you can also get the vaccine administrator if the doctor gives a green signal.

Schedule a visit to the Dubai vaccine center

Like any other clinic around the world, it’s better to have an appointment set up before visiting a doctor.

There are numerous benefits of having an appointment setup. One of which is that you can get the doctor’s checkup on time without wasting time waiting.

Also, there are times when a doctor is not available or busy with some surgery, so the availability of a doctor also needs to be considered, hence appointment seems to be the right option in every situation.

Talk with your child before a visit and make them calm

After arranging all the medical requirements such as an appointment for the Dubai vaccine center and choosing which doctor is the best for your checkup, as a parent, it’s important to communicate with your child beforehand.

Explain the concerns and tell them about the benefits of having their Covid jabs administrator. As it’s a public health concern, we are left with few options to not apply for jobs for children still the kids need to be prepared mentally for the Covid jab.

Schedule the next dose after the first jab 

For the Covid vaccine to fight effectively with the virus, World Health Organization (WHO) has been advised to administer two jabs after 40-50 days.

Hence after the administration of the first jab, the parent should make an appointment beforehand for the second one on the same date.

This will help them to keep in the loop with their kid’s vaccination requirements as well as save time by not going in between taking appointments.

If your kids have a weak immune system, an additional jab is needed

The booster shots are something required for those people who have a weak immune system. If that’s the case for your kids, based on the reports and advice from your pediatrician, it’s required to have a booster shot administrated.

This can be achieved after both recommended shots have been applied by visiting the Dubai vaccine center. The next shot is usually applied after 6 months of duration.

Although this is considered an option and only required when the doctor asked you to do it. Hence the Dubai vaccine center which hosed pediatricians should be visited in the first place.

Keep the vaccination card with you

After your kids have received their jabs, they will be provided with a vaccination card. Make sure to keep that card as proof that your kid is vaccinated.

This card will be required in various places such as schools, restaurants, airports, or other public places.

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