Which services does geriatric physiotherapy offer to their patient?

There are different subgroups of physiotherapy providing medical care to patients. One of such includes geriatric physiotherapy.

The world of geriatrics revolves around older people, hence the physiotherapist who provides treatment for older people is known as a geriatric physiotherapist.

Let’s discuss various services which can be expected of a professional geriatric physiotherapist to provide. All of these are mentioned below.

Pain management

Older people need to bear a lot of pain simply while going on about their regular movement. And if they are injured in an accident, the pain is unbearable.

One of the prime jobs of geriatric physiotherapy is to provide pain management for older people. Through therapy and exercise, older people can better have control over their pain as well as reduce the chance to get a frequent injury.

Through proper medical care by an expert physiotherapist, the injury inflicted on older people can also be properly treated as well as rehabilitated with proper procedure.

Neuro and Spinal Rehabilitation

Most of the pain faced by older people is around the spine or in other words, the back area. Neurorehabilitation is also something older people require as older people’s nervous system gets weakened over time.

Professional geriatric physiotherapy provides therapy for better rehabilitation so that they can cope with their condition as well as improve their overall condition for the better.

Over time, older people feel much relieved when a professional physiotherapist offers their comprehensive services to people aimed to have amazing solutions in the first place.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Over time, many older people start to have trouble breathing properly. This is caused either by weak lungs or decreased activity, their body tends to require a lot more oxygen when they have experienced working a bit more than usual.

For this commotion, geriatric physiotherapy provides regular exercises which help them to improve the old people’s breathing as well as adds more resistance to take up more work than they were used to.

The main reason behind emphasizing geriatric physiotherapy is to improve the quality of living for older people and not make them feel sick and loss hope just because they aged through a natural process.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Any injury or problem that arises around the muscle area is referred to as musculoskeletal injury. And after proper healing, there’s a requirement for proper rehabilitation through geriatric physiotherapy.

Some of the common areas where musculoskeletal rehabilitation takes form is around ligament sprains, muscle strains, joint pains, cartilage tears, fracture rehabilitation, and back pain.

With the help of aiding solutions and regular therapy, geriatric physiotherapy provides relief along with rehabilitation for their body to get into their regular condition.

Intensive and respiratory care

It’s common for old people to get sick and sometimes they are admitted to intensive care units. In that place, the stationary body needs to be properly cared for.

A geriatric physiotherapist is the best professional who looks after the patients and ensures that their movement is taken care of.

Respiratory care is also properly observed for senior people who need intensive care so that they can get quality care with the proper supervision of a medical care professional.


Some weakened muscle grounds can’t be given necessary movement or exercises through activity.

For them, certain therapy is needed, one of such is regarded as hydrotherapy. With the help of calculated water pressure and other underwater exercises, the weakened muscles get properly worked up.

Some of the conditions which require hydrotherapy include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis, and other weakened muscles group around the joint area.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

A patient who undergoes a heart attack, heart failure, bypass operation, angiography, or valve surgery needs the assistance of geriatric physiotherapy.

Through cardiac rehabilitation, older people can get back to their feet again with proper exercises along with the supervision of a professional doctor at every stage.

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