5 Types of Different facilities to expect in a physiotherapy centre

Often it has been noticed that patients when looking for physiotherapy centre have no idea what to expect inside the facilities.

It is pertinent to understand that the purpose of a physiotherapist is to provide relief and treatment for the musculoskeletal body through exercise, massage, and proper practice.

Here are various equipment and general things one might find inside a physiotherapy centre to have an understanding of what to expect from the specialist.

Exercise balls

The use of exercise balls mainly comes for stretching purposes. The stiffness of muscles needs to be properly directed so that your mobility could be restored.

Using exercise balls will quickly and effortlessly improve the stance of people although this is an exercise that needs to be followed daily.

Resistance bands

Another form of stretching exercise that one can find within physiotherapy centre and most fitness centers is resistance bands.

The resistance bands help people to put stress on their shoulders and arms to ensure that the physical stance is somewhat accurate.


Most physiotherapy centre helps their patients to provide physical exercise in order to improve their stamina, and strength in the muscle and most importantly helps to get reduce the chances of accidents in numbers.

Treadmills are one of the most common facilities that are found always at every physiotherapy centre because of their usage. Through the treadmills, people can run and improve their legs strength, and stamina for the better.


Similarly, like treadmills is used for stamina building, other equipment does the same purpose although it’s cheaper and is common within physiotherapy centre.

TRX is like a bicycle with only focus on paddling. It is considered a more robust exercise facility to improve the stamina and strength of the muscles.

Pilates reformers

The strength like its required for feet through TRX and treadmills, we also require for our arms and torso level.

Pilates reformers is one of the pieces of equipment found within physiotherapy centre that helps people to add more strength to their arms for better mobility.

Some other facilities which help patients to analyze

After learning about various types of facilities that are found within physiotherapy centre, it is equally important to have analyzers that help the physiotherapist learn about the important elements within the human body.

We have listed down some of the commonly found analyzers in physiotherapy centre which help people in getting the most accurate data to help understand the physiotherapist in adjusting the procedure for individual people.

Body composition analyzer

As the name suggests the body composition analyzer help physiotherapist in determining the true composition of their body.

It will help them to pinpoint the deficiency of any element inside the body while also helping the professional to correctly prescribe patients for correct medication as well.

Functional trainer

The functional trainer is the best module which comes in all in one analyzer for people that have fewer massage functions.

This is another facility found within the physiotherapy centre that assist professional to determine the level of training to provide for every individual person.

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