Procedures adopted by a performance physio expert in Dubai

There are a variety of procedures adopted by an expert performance physio that help patients to gain body function rehabilitation and ensure that their body gets the most out of the therapy including fixing the weakened muscle groups.

We have created this article and through it, we’ll discuss various methods adopted by the performance physio and what benefits it offers to the patients who are looking for a robust healthcare service.

Range of Motion exercises

When a person undergoes injury recovery, low mobility makes the body movement difficult or sometimes impossible from the way it was before.

To make sure that the body goes back to a rigid rehabilitation through performance physio, the professional help the patient by getting engaged in a series of exercises all aimed to rehabilitate a certain group of muscles.

This range of motions helps patients to promote body movement, improves joint mobility, and helps facilitate better blood regulation.

Soft tissue mobilization

The muscle injury usually stiffens the patient’s body and makes swelling around the body. To provide relief from pain as well as engagement in treatment, the performance physio provides massage to patients.

The purpose of these massages is to provide relief from the pain and for athletes to have a better circulation of blood across the body.

The soft tissue massage helps control the swelling as well since blood flow becomes much better across inflamed joints.


Electrotherapy is considered a more advanced form of therapy conducted by performance physio using energy-based simulation.

In this procedure, two electrodes are attached to the skin which in turn contract the muscle when electricity is passed through it.

The therapy is directed toward patients who are severely paralyzed or have reduced range of motion across their bodies.


This type of therapy is most common for sports athletes and office workers. Most people with complaints of muscle stiffness can get engaged in cryotherapy.

This is a fancy name for using ice packs and applying them over the affected muscle group across the body.

The main element to consider for cryotherapy is that the affected muscle group gets a bit of relief in its stiffness and improves its overall mobility.

Heat therapy

Similar to cryotherapy, heat therapy uses hot water packs to provide relief to the muscle group especially if it’s located around the joint area.

The soft tissue that overlaps the joints is the best place for heat therapy as it opens up mobility across the group even more.

The professional performance physio will provide effective heat therapy to people who are undergoing a reduction in mobility cause to old age or from any injury.

Kinesio taping

When there’s a type of internal bleeding or swelling, it’s quite a common procedure to undergo with Kinesio taping.

One of the best things about taping is that it helps provide relief to the muscle while also improving the recovery of the injured area.

The expert performance physio will provide various methodologies to ensure that the injured area is properly taped with Kinesio taping to reduce the pain and provide proper treatment to the patients.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Similar to electrotherapy, the therapeutic ultrasound helps provide relief to patients who are facing an intense loss of mobility across their bodies.

Releasing ultrasound X-rays across, the body heats the muscle and includes in the contraction process.

This therapeutic procedure is helpful for patients with paralysis to ensure that treatment by following the most advanced methods is continued to yield results.

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