What is neurological physiotherapy and how can it help you?

The role of neurological physiotherapy is to provide treatment to patients who are facing movement difficulties and disorders which is originated from the body’s nervous and neuromuscular system.

In this article, we will explain in detail how can neurological physiotherapy helps treat patients who are facing movement problems in general whose source is quite complex.

Neurological physiotherapist offered treatment

One way to understand the science behind how neurological physiotherapy specialist provides treatment to people is through understanding various types of injuries that result in movement disorders originating through the body’s nervous system.

Below we have explained some of the disorders which come under the jurisdiction of a professional neurological physiotherapist.

Functional Neurological disorder

When a body receives multiple sclerosis or stroke, the body movement gets disrupted. This disruption is not by any external force but rather through the body’s nervous system.

The functional neurological disorder makes it difficult for brain signals to get received by the muscle group properly.

Some of the major functional neurological disorder symptoms include leg and arm weakness or paralysis, tremors, sudden involuntary twitching, and jerking of the various muscle group.

Stroke, or CVA

Strokes can happen to anyone. It’s a reaction of the body when the blood flow to the part of your brain is blocked or stopped.

The rupture of blood over the blood vessel makes the body to get into a stroke which affects your body.

Traumatic brain injuries

Another reason which makes neurological physiotherapy quite important for patients to have a thorough checkup is after getting traumatic brain injuries.

These injuries come through intense stress over the brain either by a sudden bump, blow or jolt to the head.

One of the major traumatic brain injuries is caused when an object is penetrated across the skull which in turn affects the brain.

Spinal cord injuries

The body’s spinal cord helps your various body function to work properly. If there’s any form of injury across the spinal cord, the loss of functions and mobility is experienced, which might make people paralyzed as a result of it.

Multiple sclerosis

Strokes or sclerosis received by the body make people paralyzed from the arm, legs, and face end.

Professional neurological physiotherapy will make sure to provide effective therapy through various methods to ensure that paralysis received after multiple strokes can be treated.

Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that affects the movement of the body quite uncontrollably.

Most of the body’s uncontrolled movements are visible by shaking, stiffness, and difficulty to control your various body parts.

In clinic treatment

After understanding various disorders which is more subjected to the brain and spinal cord of the body, it’s vital to learn how professional neurological physiotherapy offers the treatment.

One such treatment is provided within the clinic premises. Let’s understand some of the treatments offered by a neurological physiotherapist.

Passive limb exercise

Most of the paralysis which is located after the stroke attack is around the hand and feet area. To bring back the functions of these body parts, the physiotherapist engaged in providing passive limb exercise.

In these exercises, the fingers and palms need to be properly aligned so that blood is properly passed through them.


The professional physiotherapist needs to undergo positioning exercises that enable the body to get proper alignment of the body.

Therapy that relates to the positioning of the body can go on for a longer duration as there’s no physical working out by the body.

The effective blood flow will ensure that your muscle gains previous functions over the body to ensure that patients can experience gradual rehabilitation of their body.

Bed exercises

The exercises can take place even when the patients are resting on their beds. The bed exercises will help make the body get properly adjusted to the new posture of the body.

Professional neurological physiotherapy will provide easy-to-follow exercise which helps patients to return their body functions to the way it was.

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